Railway Children Nursery
The Station Master's House
61 Station Road
NN15 7HJ

Our Learning Areas

We ensure there is a balance of adult and child led activities in every room, allowing children to be independent and express their own creativity.

Our Rooms support the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and Development in the EYFS.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - We help Our Children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and develop respect for others. Children learn to manage their feelings forming close relationships with their carers and other children. We are continually enabling our children to have confidence in their own abilities.

Physical Development - Our Children can gain control over large movements; to run, hop and jump etc. We practice using our senses and movements to explore the world around us. We use the outdoor area to incorporate all other areas of the curriculum. Our Children have an understanding of health and self-care.

Communication and Language - Children are encouraged to talk and to listen to their carers and each other. We talk about our families and our experiences. The focus is not just on verbal communication but we develop our ‘first’ skills such as smiling, pointing and body language to build children's confidence.

Literacy - Our Children have access to a large library of books as a source of information, stories and poems. We re-tell stories in our own words or draw a picture. Our Writing Table encourages mark making, and using fingers as pencils in salt or flour are lots of fun! Lots of tools are available for enhancing vocabulary, and understanding the appropriate use of new words.

Mathematics - We build concepts on how much, how many, how far and how big. Lots of visual tools are used to include understanding numbers and counting, such as when we tidy up toys, or counting jigsaw pieces. Children look at pattern, shape, space and measures; baking is a firm favourite for investigating this!

Understanding of the World - Our Children can explore the natural and man-made world; and how they work, compliment and affect each other. We learn about our local community, and look at different cultures and beliefs. Connections and differences can be made, and practical approaches are used such as recognizing animal sounds or going on a bug hunt.

Expressive Arts and Design -Using a variety of media and materials Our Children are able to explore and play to express their creativity and develop imaginations. We also have open floor space for music, movement, dance and role play.

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