Railway Children Nursery
The Station Master's House
61 Station Road
NN15 7HJ

Meet the Staff

All of Our Staff are chosen for their caring nature and wealth of experience when it comes to providing the best possible care for your child.  They are dedicated to ensuring every child has a secure, stimulating and fun time while at our Nursery. We often have students from the local colleges as part of their training and current staff are continually improving their own skills through self-appraisal and continuous professional development courses.

Each child has two key workers here at Railway Children. These are the Senior Nursery Nurse and one other member of staff. Staff work very closely together in each team, and will care for your child whilst with us. Your dedicated Key Worker will be on hand to liaise with you at the end of each day, keeping you informed of your child's experiences at Nursery and to share with you your child's 'firsts', ensuring you don't have to miss out on any aspect of their day.

These are Our Senior Members of Staff, and alongside a larger dedicated team guide and teach Our Children through every step of their Railway Children Journey.

I have been a Nursery Nurse since 2000, and have been at Railway Children since it opened in 2006. I am NVQ Level 3 qualified. I am jointly responsible along with Miss Emily for the Under 2s. I am committed to ensure the wellbeing of all the children in my care, and strive to meet each child’s individual needs. Seeing our babies turn into toddlers is very rewarding; and being a part of their milestones makes my job extremely worthwhile. Here at Railway Children we are a family and it has a feeling of 'home away from home'.

Miss Jo

I am responsible for the 2-3 Age Group. I am NVQ Level 3 qualified, and have been since 2010. The Staff are a fantastic team, all working towards the same goals to provide exceptional care for Our Children in a fun and happy environment. It is enormously fulfilling seeing the children I care for grow, develop and blossom into 'little people'. Railway Children is special to me because of the great relationships between staff, parents and children. We ensure that children come in to a calm, loving environment and follow a routine that suits their needs.

Miss Sabrina

I have been a NNEB qualified Nursery Nurse since 1998 and have worked at Railway Children since we opened. I find watching our children develop and grow very special. I am responsible for the 3-5 Age Group. When children move in to my group as young 3 year olds, to leaving us to go on to school as independent and confident children, it is so rewarding to know I have played a part in their young lives. Railway Children is a fantastic Nursery setting because we are smaller in size, meaning our children receive quality care with Key Workers. Our team share the same goals and ambitions for your children.

Miss Lindsey

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