Railway Children Nursery
The Station Master's House
61 Station Road
NN15 7HJ

2 - 3s

As children grow and start to explore the world around them we strive to provide a more structured approach to learning and play.

The 2-3 Group brings our children together to enjoy imaginative and creative play to develop social skills & establish their own identity.

We use the EYFS to plan, and make every activity a learning opportunity. The children actively take part in music, dance and role play to express their ideas and feelings and singing to promote language development.

Toddlers love to create. Our 2-3s love recycling cartons and packets and using craft materials to make a rocket or a car, we use these practical experiences to learn about size, shape and space. We also use both Nursery “in and out” for Number Hunting and Colour Walks.

We work hard to have a balance between busy bodies and giving the children time to reflect and relax. All our children love listening to a good story, developing their reading, writing and communication skills. The children enjoy making up their own stories and we use puppets and paper and crayons on our special 'story-telling carpet' to get them flying into the land of fantasy with ease!

In addition, our children will learn to appreciate the importance of and how to look after their bodies. Our daily routines encourage children's awareness of personal hygiene.

The 2-3s enjoying one of our favourite stories; 'The Gruffalo', using the sound book and puppets

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